The Saami believe, like many other Finno-Ugric people, that people are created of several different elements - abode, soul and spirit. In their anthropology life is connected to bones: if the frame is flawed, the corpse can`t gain a new body because the gods were unable to shape it over the existing bones. It was common to bury the deceased close to the place where their passing occurred. This location also became sacred and protected.

While staying in the village of Inari, a center for Finnish Saami people, I encountered a sudden tragedy in a local native family. In the midst of death, the beauty of tradition and positive look into a life entwined with nature overtook grief. The soul had a place.

Part of the 'Nordic Masterclass II Workshop' organized by photographers Pieter Ten Hoopen, Aki Roukala and the Finnish Association of Photojournalists.