Scotland and the Possibility of Independence

For over three hundred years, Scotland has been in Union with Great Britain. However, in July 1999, when the first Scottish parliament since 1707 met in Edinburgh, Scots took substantial control of the nation's destiny and undeniably embarked on a new stage in its long history. As the political government from London`s Westminster shifted closer to the Highlands, pro-independence activist gained new flare and managed to set a historical referendum for Scottish independence to be held in September 2014.

While the nation was preparing to vote for its future, old and new social debates surfaced in local communities. This was also when I started to study the history of Scotland and its national identity. In response to this personal research, I documented my engagement with individuals, landscapes and local histories.

In the end, Scots rejected independence (55.3% against). Despite this result, the increase in political activism and raised prominent issues of the nation keep making cracks to the controlled union with Britain.