Professional photography since 2008.

Mexican Rodeo. Houston, Texas 2010.

Aku, student of Sámi handicrafts. Village of Inari, Lapland.

Poster picture for 'Jussi & BSA Gold Star' documentary film. Finland 2014.

Scots Hammer, a highland game. Inverness, Scotland 2014.

Family Kanerva. Järvelä, Finland 2016.

Tapio Kanera (left) and his son Olli are barefoot residents of Kärkölä and its village Järvelä. Tapio is also one of the founding members of Kisa-Veikot, an important local sport club founded in 1943. The club has an important social role in the region and acts as a social conduit between the village youth and elderly.

A local farmer, Markku Sallila at his newly rented field. Valkjärvi, Finland 2013.